Must-Have Ingredients for A BBQ Rub

You want to add the best flavour, aesthetic impact, and healthy mindset to your grilled dishes, whether you are handling with slices of creamy eggplant or top sirloin steak. A little spice goes a long way, but fire and smoke can only accomplish so much.

So, when it comes to grilling, what kind of seasonings should you use? There is a plethora of options to pick from, but you’ll want to go with something that will light up over an open flame. We have compiled a list of our top 10 grilling ingredients to help you impress your guests (and yourself!) at your next BBQ.

Why do you need to use dried up spices when grilling?

Fresh grilling products benefit from the intensified flavour of dried herbs, spices, and seasoning blends. The flavour-carrying fats and juices of meats and vegetables render into the spices since they’re dried, unleashing complex flavours and smells in the grill’s intense smoke and heat.

(To put it another way, fat + smoke + dried spice equals amazing.)

Dry spices can also be used in seasoning rubs, brines, sauces, and marinades, allowing you to be creative. To find new ways to spice up your barbecuing game, mix and match these simple but important grilling spices:

Black Pepper

Black pepper’s resinous flavour and piercing heat make it the perfect complement to the smokey, charred flavours which only grilling can provide. For added convenience, use good quality pre pepper or crush whole peppercorns for a burst of flavour. Appreciate your steak; it’s just a hunk of meat without black pepper!


Everything tastes better when it’s grilled with sweet onion. When its sugars caramelize in the juices and warmth of the grill, it imparts a deep flavour and delightful sweetness. On all grilled meats, proteins, and vegetables, use powdered onion, granulized onion, or flaked onion.

Ground Cumin

Cumin seed is a milder version of black pepper that can be added to BBQ rubs with flavour. Cumin is earthy and delicious, with a gravy-like, almost beefy richness that pairs beautifully with grilling’s smoky, burnt notes.

Garlic Powder

Garlic is a fantastic addition to meats and proteins. It also intensifies and enhances the flavor of vegetables. Rehydrate dry garlic powder in your brushing liquid before brushing it on your dish while grilling with garlic. Repetition of this step is recommended before, throughout, and after grilling.


Smoked Paprika

A sweet pepper with a warm spiciness that isn’t overly hot. Season quick-grilling things with smoked paprika if you don’t have a lot of time to let the flames impart flavour. Shellfish, light fish, chicken tenders, and skirt cuts, as well as soft vegetables such as asparagus, entire scallions, and butternut squash, fall into this category.


Oregano cuts through the thickness of high-quality protein dishes and meats while infusing grilled veggies with complex taste and depth, thanks to its spicy, peppery volatile oils. When coupled with roasted and scorched tomatoes, juicy bell peppers, and eggplant, its flavour is unsurpassed.


Rosemary’s savory-herbal overtones pervade thick-cut grilled meats, imparting rich, herbaceous aromas that will have you wanting for more. Whole rosemary leaves can be used in grilling brines and sauces, as well as on classic sirloin, lamb kebabs, and Mediterranean-inspired poultry.


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