5 Ways To Use Food To Make A Loved One Feel Special On Their Birthday

Everyone knows that food is a great medium to create a warm and cherished feeling in anyone. So it makes it the perfect tool to make a loved one feel special on their birthday. Here are 5 ways to use food in your mission.


1. Make Them A Personalized Birthday Cake

Ok, who doesn’t like cake on their birthday? It’s traditional, it’s memory evoking, it’s fun and delicious! But do you know what makes a birthday cake more irresistible? It’s when the cake is custom made and personalized to suit the birthday girl or boy! Take their likes, current obsessions (GoT perhaps?), their favorite flavor of cake in mind to do so. If you don’t have the culinary skills to make this cake yourself (though it will mean more to them if you DIY), feel free to approach a talented baker for this job.

2. Start Their Birthday In Style!

Use food to start their birthday in style! First, consider what their favorite cuisine is. Then, look for the ideal restaurant Croydon based that offers you that cuisine. Make reservations. Make sure it’s for later in the night so that you can wine and dine your loved one until late. This makes it possible for you to be with them, and for them to be in a happy mood when midnight strikes, and their birthday officially begins. Can’t stay in a restaurant for that long? Take them out for dessert after!


3. Use The Internet To Make Sure Their Birthday Is A Hit

Though it isn’t the end of the world, it is pretty saddening when your loved ones have to spend a birthday without you. Try to make it back to them on their birthday as a surprise. If that is not possible, make sure to at least find a way to spend the day with them via the internet to make their day special. Have an online party for them, go on a date with them through the phone, make online reservations for lunch or dinner for them (and a friend, of course) at their favorite restaurant.


4. Bunch Of Flowers? What About A Bunch Of Something Edible?

Traditionally, presenting a bunch of flowers to the birthday girl or boy is normal on a birthday. This is regardless to whether they live with you, or miles away from you. But there are the rare cases when the recipient is simply not interested in flowers or may not find it to be a beautiful gesture. In this case, simply avoid the bunch of flowers, and present to them a bouquet of cupcakes instead! It’s pretty, it’s fun, and they can eat it as well.

5. Birthday Week Food Adventures

If it’s a significant birthday this year, and you are thinking more like a birthday week instead of only a day of celebration, then consider adding a food adventure as part of your plans. Try out different cuisines available in your locality each day of the work. You can even plan out events to match the country of origin (of the cuisine) to make it more relevant.

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