Holiday Gift Giving – A Guide to Buying Gifts for Daughters, Nieces and God-Daughters

Christmas is around the corner, and it is time to play Santa!  Most people prefer not to spend their hard-earned money on gifts that go unloved.  Many of us do not want to be thoughtless in the act of gift-giving too.  As such, holiday gift-giving can be tricky.  However, if handled with care and a little research into the gift preferences of specific age groups and gender, your gentle gesture will be acknowledged as just that.

Gifts for Toddlers

It is advisable to select gifts that improve motor skills, hand-eye coordination, cause and effect as well as logic and reasoning for the toddler girls in your life.  Toddlers prefer their gifts to be flashy, bright and noisy as well as provide endless hours of fun!  Here are some suggestions;

Sand Pits / Sand and Water Table Play Sets

Let your beloved little ones dig their toes into the sand, build sandcastles and share laughs and squeals with you on sunny afternoons!  Choose a sand-pit featuring a canopy to protect them from the sun or gift them sand and water table play sets.

Kids Toy Play Sets

Little girls love to play-act and role-play as mothers, chefs, teachers, super market vendors, beauticians etc.  As such, they simply love to own play sets such as kids toy kitchen play sets, make-up desk play set, supermarket toy set etc.

Gifts for Youngsters

Book Making Kit

A great option for a youngster who loves to write and draw can be a book-making kit.  This thoughtful gift is sure to give her great inspiration and lots of fun, as the kit allows them to create their own full colour, hard-cover printed book.


Sneakers are super comfy, stylish and perfect gifts for girls of any age, especially youngsters.

Mother/daughter necklace

This is a great way of showing how intertwined both of you really are.  This affordable and meaningful jewellery makes her think about you every time she wears it.

Monopoly – Golden Girls

The ‘Golden Girls’ monopoly will be an amazing gift for the monopoly sets collector!  Playing a super fun game is a sure way to give both of you fun-filled mother-daughter or aunt-niece or God mother-God daughter time!

Gifts for Teenagers

Wireless Headphones

Studies have found that the songs we listen to during our teen years shape our musical taste as adults.  For girls the most important period for forming musical taste is 13 – 16 years.  As such, a set of wireless headphones is a great gift for that teenager close to your heart!  Besides, you don’t have to hear her favourite soundtracks at full blast anymore!

Initial Pendant Necklace

A girl of any age, especially a teenager, will appreciate dainty jewellery.  A dainty necklace with a pendant can be her favourite Christmas gift!

Mini Camera

The choice of digital cameras on the market is very wide, making photography so much more accessible to teens than back in our days when a good camera was very expensive.

Mini Waffle Maker

For the kid who has a flair for light cooking, a mini waffle maker will be an exciting gift and boost her confidence as a budding chef!

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