Steps to Pick a Restaurant for a Romantic Date

It can be your first date, Valentine’s Day, a birthday or anniversary celebration, you surely would like to impress your partner by taking her on a romantic dinner date. While the night maybe beautiful and the weather perfect, it will all go downhill if you don’t choose the restaurant wisely. It’s all about spending a good time together and that could be disrupted if things go wrong during dinner. So here are some important tips you need to consider.

  1. Location and ambience

It’s all about the area you take him or her to. It could be a bit out of town, next to the beach or a river or lake, with romantic music and lighting with candles and flowers. The ambience should set the mood of romance. However, some people might like places with a band playing and people dancing, rather than the romantic jazz music. Also, there could be the most romantic restaurant on the roof top of a sky scraper, but if he or she is afraid of heights, that might not be the best pick. So know your partner really well. Also look at the space between tables. The last thing you need is for the people next to you overhear your conversation. If you can, book a romantic corner of the restaurant.


  1. Food and affordability

Of course you can go to the best French restaurant in town but can be pay for the highly expensive food and wine? Not really. It is better to go for a subtle but less expensive place than trying to impress him or her but ultimately ending up spending a whole lot that you weren’t prepared for. Also, even though it is an ‘A’ grade restaurant, he or she might not like the food there. However, some romantic food suggestions are, French Italian or sushi. But if he or she is all up for some steak, a BBQ restaurant would be perfect. A restaurant would not be romantic just because it is expensive; it is the chemistry between you two that will make it worthwhile. So choose a place that you can eat as much as you want without worrying about the bill.

  1. Service

A restaurant with impeccable service is a must. You don’t need your orders to take too long or for the wine to be spilt all over your clothes. The staff should be well trained and experienced, and ready to cater to all your needs. However, this does not mean the waiter has to stand next to you all the time. That is actually uncomfortable so a good service will not always trouble you but come to you once or twice to make sure you are enjoying your night. A week night would be less crowded so you can expect a better service.

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