Choosing the Best Venue for a Company Christmas Party

Planning for Christmas parties must be done a few months before December. This is important to ensure that there will be enough budget set aside for this event. Early planning is also important so that everybody involved in the party will be able to prepare ahead of time as well. And when it comes to choosing a venue, early booking is so crucial especially when it’s December because everybody will be looking for a place to party. So, how do you choose the best venue? Check out the following tips:

Ask Your Colleagues or Employees

To ensure that the venue suits the preferences of the majority of your colleagues or employees it is best to ask them. Start it with a meeting with an agenda that is all about the upcoming Christmas Party. This is the best time to know what they like about the Christmas party they had last year. You will also be aware of what they did not like about the party. Since you will be talking to a lot of them then chances are you will be able to get many ideas about where the best venue is and what foods to best serve for that said event.

Consider the Theme

When choosing the venue, it is also important to consider the company’s theme for that specific Christmas party. Although a Christmas party venue Croydon usually offers packages for Christmas parties, it is best to choose one that would cater to the kind of theme that your company wants to have. Ask the one incharge of events in that specific restaurant chosen by the majority of your colleagues or employees if they provide additional services or perks to best cater to your chosen theme. This can greatly make the entire party much more fun for everybody.

Let Everybody Know the Details

Once the venue and theme have been finalized, it is now time to inform everybody about it. Let them know what to wear according to the theme and the exact date and time. You should also inform them about the amount of budget earmarked by the company for such a celebration. This way, you do not run the risk of falling short to everybody’s expectations. When they know how much is the budget then they will also have an idea just how much to expect about the party. Of course, you do not have to dish out every minute details of the event. This way, there will still be an air of excitement, thrill or surprise for everybody present at the party. It is also important to let everybody know if they can invite their friends or families and how many can each of them invite to the said event. Make sure everybody is aware of the guest capacity allowed in the venue.

Prepare the Decorations

Another important thing to remember is that you cannot just rely on the venue staff to do all the decorating. They may place some decorations there but you still need to create your own decoration that matches the theme. Each decor must also be customized in a way that matches your company’s reputation or vision. It would be best if you or your colleagues could come up with great decorations at a very low budget. This way, more money will be set aside to other more important aspects of the event such as the giving of gifts and prizes.

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